Getting Tinkerbell Home

We received a phone call today from a lovely man called Dean, he explained that he was recently moving into a property in Gillingham and that the previous occupants cat had managed to escape being a placed into a cat box and broke the cat flap and refused to come back. He then went on to explain that he had managed to feed the cat inside the house and had managed to barricade the cat into the kitchen with food but couldn’t get a hold of the owners.

We explained we could check the cats chip and try locating her owner asap. After crawling under the kitchen sides to try and get her out, we got her! We instantly placed her into a cat box and checked her microchip.

Thankfully the owners had updated their microchip details as soon as she went missing.

The owners were over the moon to hear their little baby menowing in the back of our car over the phone. However Tinkerbell was not impressed by this at all.

After a a little journey Tinkerbell was reunited with her sister, both had been rehomed by the couple from the RSPCA a good few years ago.

Tinkerbell and her human daddy were over the moon to see each other.

Stay safe little girl xxxx

A massive thank you to Dean for his persistence in getting Tinkerbell indoors and getting in touch.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Getting Tinkerbell Home
  1. Gillian s says:

    Awww welcome home tinkerbell


  2. Becky Russell says:

    That’s my girly, am so so so happy Tinks is back with her sister Ruby, we had all been very anxious when my sister and hubby moved house Monday and she had escaped. We are all so grateful for the help you have given, my two boys will be happy to know that she is home and will be there when we visit at the weekend. Thank you so much for all your help and keep up the good work. Without wonderful people like you we may not have gotten her home xx


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