Getting Smokey Safe

On the 3rd of February we were contacted by a lovely lady called Angela. She explained that a man had passed away and that he had a cat who was now homeless and in mourning for his owner.

We were given the go ahead by the man’s next of kin (who unfortunately wasn’t able to take the cat on due to circumstances) to try and contain the cat and get him to safety. This lovely cat is called Smokey and not only has his daddy passed away but he had his routine uprooted and didn’t know what was going on. He was very nervous with other people outside and wasn’t coming near for the help that was offered. So with Angela’s help a feeding routine was set up for him so we could set up a trap.

Tonight was the night to try and trap him. The trap was set up and laced with amazing smelling food to tempt him. Within 20 minutes we heard the trap go off only to find a different cat in there, so we checked the very angry cat over, this cat wasn’t Smokey and was definitely owned so we let him back out. We set the trap up again and for what seemed like forever the trap went off again. This time it was Smokey!

Angela knew Smokey and his late owner so she was able to confirm 100% that it was him. We quickly transferred him into a trap transfer box with a comfy towel and took him back to HQ for some warmth and to assess him. He didn’t make one sound the whole way and just sat there enjoying the warm.

We placed Smokey in his pen and gave him some flea and worm treatment, a comfy bed, litter tray food and water. He accepted chin scratches and head tickles and gave us a very loud purr with his eyes closed. Smokey will stay with us at HQ where he will start his new journey and will be assessed to see where is best for him to go. Safe now little boy, sorry you lost your human daddy but we will give you as much love as we can to hopefully help heal your little heart.

With massive thanks to Angela for your persistence with the cold. Xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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