Getting Garfield Home

We received a phone call and a message from a lovely man that we had helped previously with his cat. He explained he had a box outside for his own cats as sometimes they like sleeping in his garden. He noticed his cats were hissing at their box and went to investigate to find a very elderly ginger cat which appeared to be asleep inside the box. Upon further investigation he noticed that the car had passed away and asked if we could attend to check for a chip.

We attended as soon as we possibly could and checked the cat for a chip, he was chipped and his name was Garfield, a stunning old gent that was nearly 13 years old. We tried both phone numbers on the chip with no luck, so we explained to the young man that we would take Garfield with us and try knocking on some doors.

We knocked at the address that Garfields chip was registered and a man answered. We explained who we were and what had happened.

It transpired that Garfield had been missing since the beginning of January and his owner had rung around trying to find him only for him to be a few doors away.

It looked as Garfield had seen the box and thought it looked like a cosy place to rest for a little while then passed away in his sleep.

Goodnight Sir Garfield, rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

Posted in Paws In Heaven, Reunited
One comment on “Getting Garfield Home
  1. Tracey Claxron says:

    Goodnight sweetheart xxx


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