Getting Doreen Home

We were tagged on a Facebook group about a cat that was found in a garden having a seizure. We attended as soon as we could. Unfortunately when we arrived we were told that the cat had passed away. We checked the cat for a chip, the cat wasn’t chipped and had no collar on. It was apparent that the cat had been involved in an RTA and went into shock.

We picked him up, gave him a cuddle and kiss then proceeded to take him back to HQ.

Within 10 minutes we received a panicked phone call from a lady stating she thinks she knows who owns the cat and if she could give our number to the potential owner. We explained that the cat was safe and we could return him to wherever the owner was.

Within minutes the owners mum called and described the cat perfectly. She explained that he was a he but was called Doreen as they had a slight mistake when he was a kitten but he answered to Doreen so they couldn’t change his name, he was a rescue and was very much loved by the owner.

We took Doreen back to his owner immediately.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Doreen Home
  1. Jodie johnstone says:

    Thank you so much for getting my boy back to me.. I am so glad people cared enough to take care of him whilst I was not there.. Doreen was a loving cat who would go to absolutely anyone he was so confident.. I am absolutely heartbroken he is no longer here with me but I know his spirit is.. He is now buried in our garden with some ornaments so my little family can go and talk to him.. If this wasn’t for you bringing him home to me I may never have had the chance to keep him close… He really really is truly missed in our home..
    Thanks you so much


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