Getting Lenny Home

A lovely lady called Crystal reported on our facebook group this morning that there was a deceased cat in Hoo this morning that had been involved in an RTA. Another one of our facebook group members (Luci) attended and collected the cat and brought the cat to HQ for us.

We checked the cat for a chip, he was chipped but there were no owner details on the chip so we set out ringing around vets in the local area. Another one of our members recognised the description of the cat and said that the cat could belong to someone she knew.

After a few more calls we managed to track down the owner.

Lenny was Reunited with his family within hours of checking him for a chip.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Getting Lenny Home
  1. Dan says:

    My beloved Len. For ever in our hearts allways. I promise you I’ll find who ever did this to you 🙂 I hope they cannot live with them selves over Christmas. Love you angel. Xxx


    • We are so very sorry for you and your familys loss Dan. I wish we knew who did this to your fur brother. Big hugs x


    • Jodie johnstone says:

      Hi ya dan I also live in hoo, Thursday night my cat Doreen had also been involved in a RTA this isn’t fair on our fur babies I am absolutely devistated for the both of us Lenny is such a beautiful boy.. I hope the pain gets easier..people needs to drive safer but some just doesn’t care 😦
      Rest in paradise lenny❤️


  2. Chris Williams says:

    So so sorry for family left behind. We had a little Siamese years ago called smokey, she went over the rainbow bridge too. Blessings and prayers xx

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