Getting Roman Home

We received a few reports about a dog running loose around Gillingham in the middle of the road. We decided to see if we could find the dog. We drove around for a good hour, asking members of the public and checking on the newest reports as to where the dog might be. We eventually were tagged in the owners post and explained that we were also out looking to help find him.

After some time we still had no sightings of the dog and were losing hope, then we pulled up at traffic lights on Woodlands road. We glanced across and saw a young man with a dog on a lead, the dog was having a number two, we stared at the young man to see if he was going to pick up the dog poo, he stared back with a confused face, so we pulled over. He said “Is this your dog, only he has been running around in the road and I caught him up the vineries”. We explained the situation to him and quickly got in touch with the owner to say where we were. We popped Roman in the car and all waited for his owner to collect him.

The owner was already out looking for Roman and was only 2 minutes drive away.

Roman has now been reunited with his mummy.

Massive thanks to Alex today for containing the dog and walking about trying to find the owner. You, sir are a legend!

Be safe Roman xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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