Moggys Story – missing for 2 years!

We were asked to check for a chip on a cat that had been hanging around a property in Gillingham. The cat looked well fed and was very affectionate. The finders had kind of fallen in love with her but knew she must be loved by someone as she was so friendly.

We attended and checked for a chip. Her name is Moggy, a 10 year old black and white short-haired beauty. We quickly noticed that the keepers details were not of an individual but a vet practice? It was late on a Saturday and the vet was closed so we took a few photos, placed Moggy on our facebook group with a plea to find her owners.

Today we managed to get in touch with the vet, they ran her chip number through their system but it wasn’t coming up with any hits. They promised to look into it and asked for the photos we had of her.

After a short amount of time we received a message with a photo of the same cat at their surgery with this story:

‘Her owners moved abroad a couple of years ago & were clients of ours. She went missing just before they went so we said we would put our details on her chip in case she got found. She has been missing for 2 years! We are happy to take her to find her a home as that was the agreement with the owners or do you have anyone that would like her?’

We were astounded at the news and quickly got in touch with the finder saying “Merry Christmas”. The finder broke down in tears and is more than happy to take over her care. The vet has said that they are happy to provide a free health check and will sort out the microchip to the new keeper.

Be safe beautiful girl, landed on all four paws with this family xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Moggys Story – missing for 2 years!
  1. Tracey Claxron says:

    I love a happy ending 🙂 xxx


  2. Sue Gable says:

    Bless her heart, she certainly picked on the right home to stay x


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