Getting Percy Home

We were sent a text late last night about a ginger cat that had been found deceased on the road in Chatham. A lovely lady moved the cat out of harms way and text us straight away so we could attend and check the cat for a chip.

We attended as soon as we could and checked the cat for a chip. He wasn’t chipped, but he was neutered and had a collar on. We took the collar off and picked him up, gave him a kiss and cuddle and took him back to Hq so we could try and get a better description of him to place on our website. As we got back to Hq we switched the car light on, only to see that the collar had a barrel attached. We undone the barrel, pulled out the piece of paper and it had the name Percy with an address and phone number written on there. We rang and text the phone number, not expecting to get a reply as it was nearly midnight.

Within a few minutes we received a call asking what had happened to their beautiful boy. Understandably the family were devastated and couldn’t think straight. They wanted to call us back, we agreed however we felt they needed some time to get their head around what had happened and text them to explain it was late and that we could text them in the morning.

Today we have made contact with Percy’s owner and have taken him to the vets so he could be laid to rest. Such a stunning lad.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Percy Home
  1. Katie says:

    Thank you for giving my boy his final kiss and cuddle. We miss him so much and our family will always remember our beautiful Percy pig. He was a gental, loving and beautiful boy. Until we meet again my darling boy. Xxxx


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