Getting Maisie Home

We were sent an inbox and a post went up on our facebook group about a very scared dog that ran into someone’s house and hid under a table.

The dog was clearly spooked by the fireworks and refused to come out from under the table. We offered to attend and check for a chip.

We attended as soon as we could, climbed under the table and scanned her for a chip, she was chipped and her name is Maisie. We logged into the chip database and tried both phone numbers, both numbers were out of service. So we explained to the finders that we could go and knock at the last known address. As we knocked a man answered, we asked him if he had lost his dog, his wife came running to the door looking for her dog in a panic and explained that they had been out for the past 2 hours searching for her and were about to go back out again. The lady broke down in tears when we said that she was safe albeit a bit scared. We offered her a lift to go and get her dog so she could be back home safe.

As soon as we turned up at the finders address they all knew each other! The owner leaned over and said “Maisie”, the dog leaped up from under the table and charged over to see her mum (we were all a bit emotional at that point).

We drove Maisie and her owner back home to safety.

Maisie’s owners have promised to update their phone numbers on the chip and Maisie can now have a long long sleep tonight after her adventures.

Be safe beautiful girl xxxxx

Massive thank you to the finders for keeping Maisie safe! X

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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