Cat mutilation Sittingbourne *Warning Distressing Content*

Update: Owner has been located. Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxx

On Monday 30th October we were asked to attend at Saffron Way, Sittingbourne. A member of the public had found a deceased cat outside of a property. The cat was sitting in front of a door on a path in a seated position, she thought the cat was alive until she went to stroke the cat and quickly realised the cat was no longer with us. Our volunteer Danielle attended and secured the scene, she noticed some oddities about the cat so she carefully brought the cats body to HQ so we could see exactly what was going on.

Part of the cats body looked as though they had been deliberately cut off with a sharp blade. Photographs were taken and passed to the police.

We have filed this report under Operation Takahe. Police have also attended HQ to take further details.

The cat was male, around 10-13 years of age tabby and neutered. He was not wearing a collar and was not microchipped. We will be keeping him with us for the 28 day period so we can continue to look for his owner.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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