Dear previous owner who threw me away a few days ago. I ended up staying with two ladies who filled my belly with food, got rid of my fleas and wormed me with yukky white paste. If you had started this when I was two weeks old I may have survived. I was happy for a couple of days. I didn’t like the bigger boys I was with as they played too much and I was tired from being out in the cold for two days because you didn’t want me anymore. These ladies gave me a bed and I had a good sleep. The next day I ate lots and purred. I was happy. But then my little body decided it couldn’t deal with the kindness and something was happening that made me scream. The ladies came running to help me. I was so cold. I couldn’t move and breathing hurt. They cuddled me in close, cried over me, kissed me and tried to keep me warm. By the time we got to the front door to go and see an emergency vet I had passed away. It was 03:52 when I left them. My body is now in a bag and I will be cremated soon. The nice ladies tried to help me. Why didn’t you try and help me? Why did you throw me away? What did I do wrong? I never asked to be born but I’m glad to have been loved by these ladies. I died in their arms with kisses on my head and had tears shed over me. Remember my face previous owner. You made my mum make me and you killed me. I hope my mum doesn’t make any more me’s. I was only about 7 weeks old. Look at my face… I died today. Love Chucky.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

Posted in Rescues

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