Deceased Male Tabby and White cat Found Bredhurst

Owner Located. Rest in paws heaven Jasper. We will be taking Jasper to a vet later today so he can be laid to rest.

We were tagged on a Facebook group about a cat that was involved in an RTA this evening and didn’t survive. The cat was seen opposite Abbots Court Farm in Bredhurst. A man in a van was also seen moving the cat to the little island just as you enter Bredhurst from Rainham/Parkwood way.

We attended as soon as we could and checked the cat for a chip, unfortunately there was no chip found. The cat was wearing a blue flea collar and looked around 5 years of age. The cat was male and neutered, mostly tabby with four white socks (back socks larger than the front), white on his tummy leading up to his neck, with white on the underside of his neck. He also had some white going up his nose.

We have given him a cuddle, a kiss and have him safe with us so we can try and locate his owner.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Deceased Male Tabby and White cat Found Bredhurst
  1. tracey sparks says:

    He is our beautiful boy Jasper.


  2. Abbie says:

    Hi he’s my cat we haven’t seen him since yesterday. How can I get in contact with you???


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