Rescuing ‘Tomcat’

At around 4.40pm on Saturday 21st October, our volunteer Danielle was asked to attend a sighting of a deceased cat next to a bin in a children’s playground in Rushenden, Isle of Sheppey. When she arrived, it was clear that the cat had been thrown in the bin and then the contents of the bin tipped out across the ground. The cat was surrounded by bags of dog waste.

A group of older children rushed up with various stories of how the cat had been shot and how some other kids had pulled him out the bin. One boy sadly told Danielle that it was his cat so she asked him to fetch his mum. His reply. “She already knows. She put him in the bin. It’s ok. We’ve got another one.”

The cat’s body has been assessed by a vet and pronounced free of any injuries which could cause death. He was an unneutered male cat with a large frame but thin and possibly elderly. He was unchipped, long-haired and was black with four white paws and a white chin and belly.

Rest In Peace Tomcat. You were loved at the end.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Rescuing ‘Tomcat’
  1. Annette Barsby says:

    What a brilliant Mum to show her offspring how to treat what many class as a member of the family by dumping the families elderly cat in a waste bi, presumably after it had died.And the response from the boy proves that this family has no regard for life whatsoever. Why did they even think of having a cat in their family?


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