Getting Matilda Home

A lady called Kay Cox placed a post on a Facebook group about a cat that had been hanging around Joseph Ash – Medway factory. The staff had been feeding the cat there for some time. Especially Jim that works at the factory (thank you so much Jim)

Our Sittingbourne volunteer Danielle explained that she could attend and check for a chip the next time they see the cat. Meanwhile a possible owner commented on the post and placed her cats photo on the group, the cat looked identical to her missing cat Matilda. Matilda had been missing since July.

Danielle tried the first time to attend but the cat decided to disappear. She didn’t give up and tried a few days later. She managed to contain the cat, but the cat was a little stressed to be able to scan straight away for a chip. Danielle took the cat away from the area to calm her down and finally managed to check for a chip.

We ran the number through the database…. She was Matilda!!!! Danielle rang her owner to give her the good news, there were tears all round including Danielle. When Danielle took her home she recognised her home immediately and ran to her food bowl straight away.

We just love a happy ending ❤️

Matilda is now being booked in to her vets for a check up.

Welcome home beautiful girl x

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Matilda Home
  1. Terrific story. It’s such a lift when things work out well like this. 🙂


  2. Rachel Duchy says:

    So glad Matilda has found her way home – although I know Jim misses seeing her on his breaks.


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