Feral Kittens In The Rafters

We were sent a private message from Lauren Amey earlier today, she explained that her husband (Rob) had heard some kittens crying in his lock up roof. He went to investigate the noise thinking that it was one cat that had got stuck, he made a small hole in the ceiling, placed his phone inside the hole to get a better view and could see 3 kittens with their eyes closed laying up in the roof alone. He then enquired at the local farm just incase they were aware of a mum and babies. Someone went with Rob to have a look and lifted one of the babies and placed the baby back. Rob then placed a wooden block where the hole was and spoke to his wife who got in touch with us. We set a time that was suitable to go over with a trap and a couple of baskets to try and trap mum and babies. However, when we got there and tried to pull the piece of wood back out there were two babies laying on the top of it. We were very careful to pull the piece of wood out and one by one try and get hold of the babies before they fell. As we brought the babies down they felt freezing cold, their tongues were blue and they were hardly moving at all. We got two out and down then tried to get the third out. We initially thought the third baby had died as there was no movement.

We raced back from Sittingbourne, one of us had two kittens in our hands and the other down our top to try and warm them up slowly. Slowly but surely one of the babies started to squeak and wriggle, followed by another. The two being held were trying to suckle on fingers whilst the other one down the top was just starting to wriggle about.

We finally got back to Hq, switched on the heat mat and made up a bottle of formula for them. We couldn’t feed them straight away as they weren’t the right temperature and didn’t want to shock their little tummies.

After another half an hour of them heating up they were finally ready to bottle feed. We estimate these babies to be around 11 days old. Please meet:




Please keep your fingers, toes and paws crossed that these babies keep fighting and survive. A massive thank you to Rob Amey and Lauren Amey for all of their help with these babies.

A little reminder for people who stumble across babies, please do not touch the babies or disturb where they are unless you know you can get all of the babies and mum safely contained. If they are disturbed mum will either abandon the babies or move them somewhere else where help may not be available. We will try and find the mum for these babies and get her neutered.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Feral Kittens In The Rafters
  1. Annette Barsby says:

    Hurrah for you two wonderful ladies, and to Rob and Lauren for finding them and getting the best help so they stood a chance of surviving.


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