Getting Noodle and Welling the baby squirrels safe


Unfortunately I have really upsetting news. We were in contact with Follys Wildlife rescue and we were going to transport little Noodle to them tomorrow to carry on with his care. He passed away at 3:30pm today 😢 we tried so hard for the little love. We think the shock of everything that’s happened to the baby was too much and we don’t know if he had any internal injuries. The vet wouldn’t entertain seeing him because he was a grey squirrel and they are known as vermin and are put to sleep at vets. So sorry little Noodle, rest in paws heaven beautiful one xxxxxxx

A post went up on a Facebook group in Plumstead about a woman wondering what her cat brought in as a present for her last night. We knew as soon as she placed the photo up that it was a baby squirrel. We offered to attend and try help as much as we could.

As we were awaiting address confirmation the lady posted and explained that her cat had just brought another baby squirrel in to her. We attended as soon as we could armed with a heat mat and formula milk for the babies. When we arrived it was apparent that one of the babies had his intestines exposed and both of the babies were cold so we couldn’t feed them straight away.

So we placed them both on the heat mat and kept checking their temperatures on the way back to Hq. By the time we got back one of the babies was warm and very active and the other was cold and breathing really slowly. We tried both of the babies with some formula and one latched on straight away, the other baby refused to feed and was crying in pain.

We named them Noodles and Welling. Unfortunately Welling didn’t make it through the night but Noodles is going strong and has had another 5ml of formula. Noodles will be staying with us at Hq for the time being then we will pass him/her over to a wildlife specialist so he/she can be rehabilitated back into the wild again.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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