Getting Merlin Home

A post went up on our facebook group about a cat that was found deceased on Wigmore Road in Rainham this evening. We attended as soon as we could.

We found the cat on the road and moved him to safety, we then checked the cat for a chip, he was chipped.

His name was Merlin, a 2 year old beautiful black haired boy. We rang the first number on the microchip database and a very worried man answered. We explained what had happened to Merlin and that we could bring him home right away.

As we were leaving to take Merlin home a lovely elderly lady came and knocked on our car window explaining she had a towel, she was very upset about seeing Merlin on the road and asked what we were doing. She told us she had rescue cats and was visibly upset by the whole thing. We explained we were taking him home straight away and thanked her for being so caring and kind.

Merlin has now been reunited with his family, rest in paws heaven little darling boy xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Merlin Home
  1. Trish Green says:

    Thank you so much for bringing Merlin home to us. He is loved so much and will be so so missed.Its so sad but we are so grateful not to be left worrying about where he is and never knowing. Thank you for providing this great service. Merlins mum & dad xx


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