Leysdown Trapping

We have been contacted a number of times about people coming across deceased cats and kittens being found along a long stretch of road in Leysdown. We decided to investigate and see what we could do. Our Sittingbourne volunteer Danielle had been to this road a few times to collect deceased kittens and also managed to trap one alive kitten, this kitten is now safe with us.

We called around a few vets to pre-book some neutering spaces just incase.

We decided to go last night and set up a few traps to see if there were any other cats or kittens in this area, bearing in mind this is a vast area so numbers of cats and kittens weren’t obtainable. 3 of us attended with traps around 9pm last night and within 4 hours we managed to trap 3 cats. Finally managed to get back to headquarters around 2am and placed all three safely in our kittery.

We tucked them in for the night ready for neutering today.

The three adults are feral and will be taken back to their stomping ground when they have recovered from their operation. The youngest kitten is very timid but has allowed us to pick her up. She has been named Scruffy. We will try and rehabilitate Scruffy into understanding humans and try taming her ourselves at Hq.

A massive thank you to Danielle for her efforts and attending with us last night.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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