Getting Kipper Home

We received a message and a report about a cat that was involved in an RTA this morning along Mierscourt Road in Rainham. We attended as soon as we could to collect and scan the cat.

As we arrived a member of the public had stopped their vehicle and was on the phone to the RSPCA as she wasn’t sure who else to call. A neighbour came out also to see what we were doing. We explained that we were there to check the cat for a chip and locate the owners. The cat was chipped, his name was Kipper, a beautiful big black cat. We tried both numbers on the chip but both numbers were disconnected. We then explained to the neighbour and the lady that stopped that the cat was registered to an address in Dartford.

The neighbour said that his neighbours had just moved from Dartford and that he had a contact number for a member of their family. He rang and confirmed that Kipper was indeed his neighbours cat. We gave both the neighbour and the lady that stopped a leaflet with our number on and said we would keep the cat safe until the owners could be contacted. We gave Kipper a kiss and cuddle and placed him in our vehicle.

Within the hour the owner called and wanted to come and collect him. The owners are devastated with their loss of Kipper. We hope that they find peace in knowing that he wasn’t alone and that he had been cared for respectfully.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

Posted in Paws In Heaven, Reunited

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