Getting Furby and Hercule Home

We received a phone call from a lady called Emma Best, she sounded really worried over the phone and explained that two cats had just been dumped in two separate cardboard boxes in Pets at Home in Gillingham. One of Emmas family member worked there (Sarah). Emma sent Sarahs phone number so we could call and help.

We called Sarah and she explained that a woman had walked into the store with two cardboard boxes, abandoned the two cats and walked out of the store. So the lovely workers at Pets at Home in Gillingham took both cats, gave them some water and placed them safely into a dog kennel.

We attended and collected both cats to bring safely back to headquarters. We felt that something wasn’t right about the situation so we then did a post on Facebook for both cats just incase they were lost.

Both cats looked very well fed and cared for, one of the cats had a collar on and they were both very affectionate. After a few hours a comment went up on the post by a Beckah Brookes, she said she recognised both cats and was willing to help. We gave her our phone number and she explained that she had seen these cats lots of times, even stroked them as they are very sociable cats and she believed the owner loved her cats very much.

Beckah and her husband went to the area where they are normally seen with another cat and only saw the one cat there. They then went on a hunt around this evening asking people in the local shops if they know the owner of the cats. They eventually struck gold and found a good friend of the owner, they then passed over our number in the hope they could get the message across to the owner.

Meanwhile both cats were completely confused as to what was going on but didn’t really care as they had a room to run around in, food, water, toys and big cosy beds.

All of a sudden we received a phone call from a very worried lady asking if we have her cats. She had been at work all day. We explained what had happened and asked her to describe her cats to us over the phone. It was a match!

We explained to the owner that we could bring them both home and that they were unharmed and safe. The owner was so angry and upset that someone had picked up her cats and dumped them over 4 miles away.

We have had a lengthy conversation about microchipping and she has agreed to get all 4 of her cats chipped this week.

Stay safe beautiful babies!

Special thanks to Emma, her sister in law Sarah, The Pets at Home Gillingham team, to Beckah and her husband for all of your help this evening. What a fantastic community we have!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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