Getting Bubba Home

We received a very panicked inbox to our Facebook page from a lady called Jenny Flowers on Tuesday around 9:30pm, the message read that she had a black and white cat and could we call her immediately. We rang the number immediately and asked Jenny to explain what was wrong. She said that she was going somewhere and noticed a cat just sitting there quite awkwardly and the cat was still there when she came back from where she went. The cat was walking in and out of the road and seemed to not know what he was doing. We asked her where she was situated, she said she was in Lark field and we heard her trying to direct traffic around the cat. We asked her if she could try and keep the cat as safe as she could until we drove from Hq to get to her, she agreed.

We tried so hard to get there as soon as we could, grabbed our scanner and rushed over to help. As we knelt down to see the cat, he walked in a daze towards us and placed his head in between our legs and just didn’t move. We chip checked him and he was chipped, his name was Healy. We tried calling the number on the microchip but it just rang out. So we sent a text message to the number and explained to Jenny that we could take him back to Hq to keep him safe.

As we brought him back we sent an email to the email address on the chip and went hunting for anyone in that area with the keepers name. As we placed Healy in the cat pen, we noticed he was pressing his head against the bars, then he walked to the other side and pressed his head again without moving. He didn’t seem to be able to see or hear anything, he also had a tooth hanging from his gum.

At this point we assumed that he was struck by a vehicle and was in shock. We made up a soft bed and placed wet and dry food down with a litter tray and water for him, gave him some pain killers and settled him down in the dark to rest in the hope that his shock wore off by the morning.

That night we received a text message back from the number on the chip saying they didn’t own him that the cat was her ex boyfriends and Healy lived with his parents on the same road that he was found, she then sent a message to the son of the family explaining that we were trying to contact them. We didn’t hear back from anyone until the morning.

In the morning we checked on Healy, he still had his wobbly tooth but was responding to touch, sound and was following our hands.

The original owner called to explain that he had been missing for 4 years! The son couldn’t take him back as he didn’t get along with their dogs, the ex couldn’t take him back either and his parents said they couldn’t take him back as they got another cat. We then sent one of our Maidstone volunteers (Emma Bond) to knock at the parents house just to make sure the story was what they were saying. Emma reported back and explained that they couldn’t take him and that the story checked out.

We rang the son back as his name was registered on the chip and asked him what he wanted to do with Healy as he really needed a vet check asap. We explained he only had two options, to either take him back and take him to a vet or sign him over to us so we can legally take him to a vet, he chose the latter option.

We got his chip signed over to us and made an appointment at the Manor Vets in Chatham, they managed to get him in ASAP. He had his tooth removed, we also asked for him to have an FIV/Felv blood test and a senior blood profile as he is 10 years old. The vet explained that his injuries were consistent with him being kicked in the head rather than a car accident. We asked for him to be sedated for his blood tests as he was starting to get a little stressed out and he already had a lot happen over the last 24 hour period.

It’s such an agonising wait for the test results to come through, they all came back with him being negative for FIV/Felv and his senior profile showed up as he was in perfect health and condition for his age.

He spent another night with us and was back to being a happy, cuddly boy. We then received a phone call from a lady called Iris today, she said that her cat was missing from Larkfield and had been gone for two days. She said she hasn’t been able to sleep properly since he’s been gone as her husband is also in hospital and her cat sleeps on her bed every night.

Our Emma came to the rescue again and went to her home to check her photographs of her cat match up with the cat that we had (the lady didn’t have Internet to check herself). The photos matched!!!! She has been caring for Healy for the past two years, he appeared one week after her other cat had to be put to sleep. She was so upset over the phone and begged for her baby back. She calls him Bubba.

Emma came and collected Bubba this evening and took him home to be reunited with Iris and what a wonderful reunion it was. Bubba came out of the cat box, ate a bowl of food and went straight to Iris’s bed and promptly fell asleep.

We have sorted Bubbas microchip out and he is now registered to Iris. Iris has also explained she will be keeping him indoors from now on as he would only leave the house to go for the toilet.

Stay safe gorgeous boy xxxxx

Huge thanks to Miss Flowers, Manor Vets and our Emma for everything you did to help Bubba x

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Getting Bubba Home
  1. absolutely fab result!

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  2. Angela says:

    Had me in tears but what a lovely ending to little Bubba’s horrific journey, stay safe little one and a massive well done and thank you to all involved x

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