Getting Rocky Home

A post went up on our facebook group about a dog that was found by a lovely homeless couple (Rob and Jayde). They found the dog running down Grange Road in Gillingham, he was nearly being hit by cars. They decided to take him back to their tent to keep him safe for the night and to try and post on Facebook to see if an owner was online looking for him. They were directed to us from another group, we explained we could attend and check for a chip straight away. The finders arranged to meet us with the dog so we could help.

We attended and checked for a chip, he was chipped and his name was Rocky. Rob knew as soon as we said his name who he belonged to, but didn’t know where the owner lived! We rang the first number on the chip and a lady answered, she explained that she had rehomed the dog to a man that lived a couple of doors down from her and that she would go and knock his door to get him to call us back.

As we were standing there with Rob and Jayde we remembered that someone had given us a small suitcase with women’s clothes in it to give to the Medway Street Angels, we decided to give it to Jayde instead.

We received a call back from a very worried owner, we said that Rob and Jayde had found his dog, he sounded so relieved! The owner was happy for Rob and Jayde to take Rocky home.

As we were driving back to headquarters we noticed something on the path, so we turned around at the nearest roundabout and went back to check as it’s shape and size perplexed us. We got out of the car and went over to find a brand new sleeping bag. We picked it up and raced over to Rocky’s owners house to see if we could beat Rob and Jayde.

The owners of Rocky, the previous owner and the owners children were all waiting for Rocky to come home, we handed them a leaflet and his microchip number as they needed to update Rocky’s chip. We gave Jayde a massive hug, the sleeping bag and thanked her and Rob for caring for the dog.

Rocky was Reunited with his family. Stay safe gorgeous lad xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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