Deceased Ginger and white male cat found Jeyes Road Gillingham

Update: Rob was Reunited with his family on Friday the 18th of August. Returning in paws heaven little dude xxxz

We were tagged on a Facebook group about a deceased cat that was found on Jeyes Road in Gillingham. The cat was found in a families back garden, the cat ran into their garden and just passed away, the cause of death is unknown at this point in time.

The cat is a very large ginger and white boy, he has been very well fed and cared for, he isn’t chipped and has been neutered. He isn’t wearing a collar and has yellow eyes.

He is mostly ginger over the top of his body and white underneath. He also has a small ginger part on his chin. He looks approximately 4-5 years old.

We have him safe with us and will keep him for 14 days to try and trace his owner.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Deceased Ginger and white male cat found Jeyes Road Gillingham
  1. Caity Callaghan says:

    This may be our male cat. He has been missing for 2 weeks. We are on Barnsole Rd. How can i identify him?


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