Getting Peppi Home missing for 16 months

On Monday 14th of August 2 of our volunteers Emma and Tara were tagged in a Maidstone post regarding a ginger cat that was in some distress due to having his leg caught in his collar. Emma and Tara went to the house to discover this poor puss had been like this for over 2 weeks.

He had flies all over him and was clearly needing veterinary treatment ASAP. Anytime a human went near him he would run so they knew he needed to be trapped and fast. They then remembered that both traps were at another property set up for 2 ferals. In this emergency they went across town to collect the trap and to return and set it up. When they got back the ginger cat ran off, still setting the trap Emma and Tara waited for 10 minutes before the Finder messaged them saying he could see the cat in the trap. With ginger puss caught they then rushed him to Newnham Court Vets, he was chipped to an address in Larkfield.

The vets were struggling to contact the owner and we didn’t want to leave it unfinished so we went back to the vets to scan the puss ourselves. He was called Peppi, we tried calling the telephone numbers on the chip with no luck so we decided to drive to the address. Peppi’s owner was home, we told her we had found her puss and asked if he was missing. He was! He went missing in April 2016, 16months ago!

Peppi’s owner is now in contact with the vets and after treatment will hopefully be home where he belongs xx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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