Getting Bruno the handrear safe

A post went up on Facebook this evening about a lady who had found 3 two day old kittens in her garden. Unfortunately two of the babies had passed away and she had nothing to feed the third to keep the baby alive.

We were in the process of driving to Swanley to chip check a deceased cat so explained we would be there as quick as we possibly could. We explained what she could feed the baby on the meantime to give a sugar and liquid boost until we got there.

We attended and checked the baby over, still with umbilical cord attached we checked the sex of the baby. The kitten is a little boy and the finder wanted to call him Bruno.

He was all wrapped up and cuddled in when we collected him, he is very strong but felt quite cold. We raced back to headquarters to get a heat mat and food sorted for him.

Bruno has had a big drink of milk and is now cuddled up to a wheat bear with a heat mat. We will be supplementing him every two hours through the night and we will see how he goes. For now he has a full tummy and is fast asleep.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Getting Bruno the handrear safe
  1. Angela Kirby says:

    Hi, I have a mother cat currently feeding her two-week old kittens, would it be feasible to see if she’d take him on? I’m in Gillingham.


  2. Wendy says:

    Ah that’s really nice of you to offer help Angela. I hope it works out Natasha xx


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