Bumps Story

We were tagged on a Facebook group in Hoo about a cat that was walking in and out of the road and looking in bad condition. 

Billy Palmer rang us to confirm that he and a lovely lady called Pam Harris managed to find and contain the cat. They explained that the cat wasn’t very stable on his legs and was ravenous for food. We attended as soon as we could to check for a chip. No chip was found. He was seriously dehydrated, emaciated and his body condition was one of the worst we’ve seen. We checked him over and explained that he needed to see a vet asap for fluids at the least. We picked him up and placed him into a basket to take him to the vets. 

Whilst at the vets he was weighed and had a blood test done to check his levels. 

He was so terribly thin and in really bad body condition that it was really hard for the vets to find a vein to take a sample of blood from him. Eventually with us giving him lots of cuddles to distract him they managed. We waited for the results from the blood test, gave him more kisses and cuddles and placed him into a little kennel. 

The blood test came back that his Creatine levels were extremely high. He was at level 3 kidney failure, severely anaemic amongst other issues. Unfortunately the vet came back out and explained that there isn’t much they could do for him and it would be kinder for him to cross rainbow bridge. 

We held him tight and gave him more kisses and cuddles as he crossed. Rest in paws heaven little darling gentleman. Xxxxxx
Update* We have had a call from the owner, his name is Eric. He was 19 and a half years old and she was aware that he had went downhill recently and was booking him in to her vets to cross rainbow bridge. Not even 3 months ago he was stealing food from the barbecue and then he suddenly took a turn for the worse. The owner is very grateful to everyone involved in keeping him safe and staying with him. She understands he wasn’t in a good way and is upset by the news of his passing. He was a very much loved cat by the family. Goodnight Eric xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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