The Gravesend Mum and Kittens

Around 8 weeks ago we got an alert from an older gentleman with a mum and 4 kittens residing in his shed. We tried to use the babies to lure mum into a trap but she wasn’t having any of it. The man was happy to continue feeding mum but we didn’t want to take the babies away from her as she could develop mastitis and also run away from the area and get pregnant again. We sat for around 5 hours in this man’s garden hoping she would make an appearance, but she never did. We placed the babies back really carefully not to disturb the nest mum had made. 

A couple of weeks went by and the man kept trying all sorts of other ways to get mum contained as he wanted to help, all of which failed. He then called us and was extremely worried that someone had broken into his garden and stolen the mum and babies from his shed. We explained that this probably wasn’t the case as mum had probably moved the babies on to somewhere else. 

Another couple of weeks went by and we got a call from a lady saying there was a mum and babies in her garden. We attended to try and help. Armed with smelly food and a cat trap we scoped out the area and realised that this was the same mum and kittens that we had tried to trap before. We set up the cat trap and mum went in straight away.  We transferred mum into a cat box then set the trap back up for the babies. However the babies were nowhere to be seen. The babies were all eating normal food so we asked the finder to feed the babies routinely so we could come back and trap them. 

We took the mum to Cats Protection Bredhurst and explained the situation to them with the kittens. 

We then received a phone call from someone else on that same street explaining that the kittens were in her garden and she was feeding them every day, they were slowly starting to trust her more and more every day. We explained we were happy to help come and trap them. 

We set the trap up and one of the babies went into the trap, there were two in her kitchen behind, under and up inside her freezer, we could not get them out for fear of hurting them as they had wedged themselves so far up inside. There was one lonely kitten still outside and no matter what food we placed into the trap he/she would not go in. 

So we devised a plan with the finder to either encourage them into a room to feed or her shed, the shed seemed like a better option as in a household there are so many places for a cat to hide. 

We got the call today to say she was confident enough that the babies were feeding in the shed and she was going to close the shed door for us to attend and contain in cat boxes. So we rang our emergency foster carer to see if she was OK for us to drop the babies off as they have been placed on the cats protection waiting list to go in, she gave us the go ahead. 

After quite some time we managed to contain all 4 babies in 3 separate cat baskets and they are now safe at our emergency foster carer awaiting their space. 

We cannot thank everyone involved enough for all of their help with this case. Mum has been spayed so no more babies for her and babies will also be neutered and spayed when they get their space at Cats Protection Bredhurst. 

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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