Getting Keffie Home

We were sent an inbox and a call from a lovely lady called Luci, she explained that there was a deceased cat found that had been involved in an RTA in High Halstow. She had wrapped the cat up and carried the cat home so we could attend and check for a chip. 

We attended and checked the cat over, the cat was a female tabby and she was chipped. We explained to Luci and her husband that we would take the cat away and keep her safe so we could try and trace her owners by searching all databases. 

Unfortunately we tried every database on the UK and she wasn’t registered on any of them, so we started to look further afield. Luci went and knocked on ever door in her area and managed to locate the owner who were absolutely distraught by the news. 

We were on an emergency call out at the time the owner called us. We explained that as soon as we were back in the area we would make sure to let them know as they wanted to collect their baby. We finally found out her name was Keffie, she only had one eye as she had an accident some time ago. This baby had so much love in her life from everyone in the family. We could see jusy how much she was loved by them all. Keffie was given a kiss and cuddle from Luci and ourselves before she was reunited. May she rest in peace back home where she belongs. 

A massive thank you to Luci for doing so much leg work and for finding the owners of Keffie so quickly. 

Rest in paws heaven little darling girl xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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