Getting Lady and Prince Home

We were tagged on a Facebook group about a dog that had been found running loose around the Manor Farm pub in Rainham. We gave out our phone number to the finder to call. A lovely man called Nick explained this dog had ran across the road and pretty much jumped up for a big bear hug on his lap and that there was another dog running loose that no one was able to catch. 

We explained we could attend straight away to check for a chip. As we arrived we checked her for a chip and couldn’t find one. We placed a slip lead on her and went for a walk with Nick and 3 other men that were worried for her safety.  As we started walking across the road we noticed a little commotion happening with a man holding a lead. Initially we thought that this may be the owner, nope, this man had managed to contain the other dog, then we received an inbox on Facebook from a lady telling us where the other dog was just as we got there. 

With fingers and toes crossed we checked the other dog for a chip, he was chipped! His name was Prince. We then rang the phone number on the chip a few times and sent a text and inbox on Facebook as we had managed to locate the owner and her other half on there also. With no reply we explain to the finder we were going to go and knock at the last known address. As we crossed the road to head back to the car the phone rang. The owner was beside herself with worry and explained she could get her other half to come and meet us within 5 minutes to collect the dogs. 

By now we had 5 men walking around Rainham with us looking after the dogs and giving them lots of love and cuddles. The dogs were loving all this attention. 

Lady and Prince have been reunited and chip advice has been passed to the owners. Stay safe you pair of beauties xxxx
A massive thank you to Nick, the 4 other men and the lady for her quick inbox for all of your help this evening. X

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Lady and Prince Home
  1. Tracey Claxton says:

    Well done to everyone involved in getting the dogs safe 🙂 xxx

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