Getting Mendez Home

A post went up on our facebook group about a cat that had been hanging around a families back garden for some time. She explained he was sleeping in between the bins and encouraging her indoor cat outside as her cat doesn’t like other cats. 

We explained that we could come and check for a chip to see if he was owned, she agreed and contained him in her daughters wendy house. In the meantime one of our group members had spotted a post of a cat that looked extremely similar, his name was Mendez on the post and he had been missing since the 10th of March. 

So we set out with fingers crossed that this was the missing Mendez. We chip checked, he was chipped so we proceeded to put his number in the chip database. Both the finder and myself held our breaths whilst 4g was taking a while to load his profile on the database.  He was Mendez!!!! 

We rang the phone numbers on the chip without any response, so tried again. A man answered, we explained who we were, but he didn’t believe that we had his cat. We then said “OK, don’t tell us your address, but do you live at the same address that’s registered on his microchip?”, he said yes so we proceeded to explain to him that we would see him in under 15 minutes. 

Our job wasn’t done yet as we had to get a very nervous cat into a box from a very small summerhouse, so the finder locked me in so he wouldn’t escape. Not very good on a hot day like this, please don’t try that at home. 

We thanked the finder for all of their help and took Mendez home. 

Mendez has a few new cuts and grazes to his face, so his owners are happy to take him to a vet for a check over. 

Welcome home stunning lad xxxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Mendez Home
  1. Sharon says:

    I’m so glad that he has been returned home, and my lovely cat is now happy again.

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