How many cats? 

We have been so busy these past couple of days, we will explain why. 

We were approached by a lady who kept finding dead kittens in her garden over a period of time. She managed to trace where they were coming from and had reported this to a couple of organisations. Unfortunately the lady in question wasn’t happy with how these organisations spoke to her on her doorstep and felt that she wasn’t doing anything wrong at all. 

We explained that we could try and have a word with the lady and see what we could do to help.  We knocked on the ladies door and explained why we were there and what we could do to help her. She went on to explain she had over 20 cats there and that cats were good for people, we completely agreed with her but explained maybe on a smaller scale. 

We contacted the rspca and asked if they could help with neutering if we could contain as many cats as we could and also Cats Protection Bredhurst to see if they had any emergency available space. Both agreed to help as much as possible. Our next task was to get as many cat boxes as we could. 

Wigmore Vets had 3 baskets that they had in their surgery and were happy for us to collect them, Cats protection Bredhurst had 7 cat baskets that we could borrow on a short term basis and also one of our admin and friends Tracy Rayner had two baskets that we could borrow. We collected all baskets and stacked them up to count how many we had in total. 

We counted 16 cat baskets and two cat traps as some of our other traps were out helping other poorly and injured ‘strays’. We were a little concerned as to how all of these would be able to fit into our car all at one time, so Ken and Shirley Daniel offered to help with the trapping, boxes, a van and another trap. 

We then managed to get the details of when the neutering was going to be done and proceeded to plan out the best day and time to attend the property to trap these cats and kittens. We rang the lady and kept her updated with everything that was going on, who would be there and exactly what we would do. She was ever so grateful for the help. 

We decided on Sunday at 2pm to start trapping and asked the lady not to feed on Saturday so all of the cats would be hungry enough to walk into the traps, she found this bit exceptionally hard. This lady had taken on more hours at work and a new job as these stray and unneutered cats were costing her over £66 per week.  

We turned up the next day and she had managed to contain most of the kittens in her bedroom, so two of us went outside to set up traps for the adults and two stayed indoors to chase kittens around the house and bedroom.

With the three traps set up at 2:15pm we thought we had managed to contain and trap 25 cats and kittens within 2 hours. 

The adults and the older kittens were transported to a safe house so they could be neutered and the younger kittens came back to headquarters to await their emergency space at Cats protection Bredhurst. 

This lady had only started with two unneutered cats. Over time these cats had kittens, and those kittens had kittens and so on and so forth. 

We took what we thought was 11 kittens to cats protection Bredhurst, that turned out to be 12 as we miscounted when they were hiding under one another. We had also counted 14 in for neutering, but that turned out to be 15 as we had also miscounted there also. So 27 cats and kittens in total. 

All of the adults and older kittens have been neutered. The adults have now been released back apart from one who needed a little more time and tlc after her neutering. All of the neutered older kittens have now been transported to Streetkatz Rescue by the lovely Bev Saxby and the younger kittens are now in the care of cats protection Bredhurst.  

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved that helped with this mammoth task!  

Please please neuter your pets! 


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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