Getting Leslie the Rabbit home. 

27 June 2017

Today I (Sue Cave) was tagged in a fb post on the animals lost and Found in Kent ltd group about a bunny hoping about in the grounds of St Matthews church borstal.

The poster was Rev. Anne Bennett who was very concerned for the poor Bunny’s safety and knew would be someone’s precious pet and was asking for help to capture the little one so could be kept safe whilst owner was located .

I contacted Anne with my details and received a call to say that they had managed to capture him and put in cat carrier until I could get there and help.

When I arrived we went to church hall where I met Annes lovely daughter and we transferred the not so little Bunny into my carrier but not before a few strokes and cuddles were stolen by us all.

I returned home to take pictures and write up posts to try and locate owners and was overjoyed when I scanned bunny and he was chipped .

Unfortunately number on chip was not the owners but store where purchased who never had details , but after googling address on chip realised was located just behind church so with my partner Andy took drive to address hoping to find someone home .

When we arrived at first got no answer so tried again and heard rustling and shuffling from around back garden and head popped around corner looking rather flustered and stressed .

I asked for the name registered on chip and the gentleman looked at me as if to say who????

I then asked if he was missing anything and he replied a rabbit to which we held up carrier and said like this one the look of relief on his face was priceless.

The gentleman who’s name is Spencer then invited us in to put Leslie Rabbit back into his hutch and ground him lol .

Leslie rabbit actually belonged to Spencers son Ben who last year surprised his parents by purchasing the bunny but why things where so confusing his friend who was old enough to buy an animal was the lead name on chip details hence for confusion when I asked for registered name .

Spencer had been searching for hours for Leslie and didn’t know that details were not registered properly when I gave him a cheeky update your details pep talk and said could have had feet up instead .

But is going to make sure all sorted now as Leslie is more the parents  bunny now as Ben is growing into young man and has more interesting fluffy tails to chase hehehe

But just proves that by chipping your babies gives you more chance of getting them home safely .

Stay safe Leslie rabbit and stop pulling open the chicken wire fence ..

And thank you to Anne and her lovely daughter for capturing and posting enabling us to get the baby home 

Sue Cave xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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