Getting Archie Home 

We received a message through our facebook page from a very worried lady around midnight last night. She went on to explain that she nearly hit a dog on a road in Allhallows with her car, managed to miss him and placed him into her vehicle. She rang every organisation and helpline she could but no one was able to help. She explained she couldn’t keep the dog at her address as she had a cat and that she will have no choice but to let the dog go. 

We then went on to explain that we could check the dog for a chip and hopefully locate an owner if the dog was chipped. The dog was chipped but there were no owner details on the chip unfortunately, so we were faced with a decision to bring the dog back to headquarters so he was safe. We placed a post in our group and shared it to as many sites as we could. 

We placed the dog into an emergency kennel inside our summerhouse, but as soon as he was left alone he started to howl. So we set up a bed beside him so he was calm until the morning. 

This morning we woke up to texts, messages, missed calls and voicemails from the owner saying that we had her dog. We double checked with her to make sure this was indeed her dog and everything checked out. 

Archie was Reunited with his family before the morning was up. 

Stay safe chunky monkey xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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