Getting Nelson Home

We received a phone call about a cat that has been hanging around a property in Chatham near the railway station for around a year on and off. He was quite a friendly chap and scoffed food when it was placed down. We attended as soon as we could and checked him for a chip, he was chipped! It said that his name was Nero. 

We rang the first out of the three numbers on the chip with no reply and again with the second and third number. So we sent a text message explaining who we were. The owner text back and said ‘Nero is sitting beside me’. This really confused us as we were staring at a cat with the name Nero on his chip. We then sent a photo of the cat we were with and rang again. She said that he wasn’t Nero, his name was Nelson and she had his brother Nero beside her. 

We arranged to take Nelson home and realised that he is walking over the railway line numerous times every day to get to the finders house. We have also advised the finders not to feed him again and also the owner to keep Nelson in for some time. It turns out that whoever implanted the chips managed to get the boys names mixed up. The owner will be rectifying this as soon as she can. 

Stay safe cheeky boy xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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