Getting a mum cat and babies safe

We received a phone call about a stray cat that had given birth in Maidstone a couple of weeks ago. She had brought the babies to the finders house as she knew they were safe. We attended as soon as we could to check for a chip and get them safe. 

Mum was not chipped and the babies were around 2-3 weeks old. We explained that we had an emergency foster space lined up as one of our followers really wanted to help in some way with taking care of a cat when we ran out of space at headquarters. 

We rang the foster carer up (Louisa Wheat) and asked if she was still happy to help.  Louisa had already got a very large crate ready with litter, a bed, food and water ready for when we turned up to drop them off. 

Louisa was more than happy to take care of the mum and two babies until a space came up as they were already on cats protection Bredhurst waiting list to go in, however we felt that they couldn’t stay outside in that garden as that garden frequently had foxes visiting and we were a little worried for the kittens welfare. 

Today we collected the mum and two kittens and took them to cats protection Bredhurst. Both kittens have heart murmurs and they are doing blood tests and health checks on both mum and babies today. 

Thank you so much to Louisa and her family for taking such great care of mum and babies. Also a massive thank you to Cats protection Bredhurst for squeezing them in. 

Be safe, healthy and happy little darlings xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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