Getting Lena Safe

We were tagged on a post for a ‘free to good home’ kitten as the kitten was being attacked by the owners other cat. We attended to find out the full story and see if we could help. 

Speaking to the owner she had only had the kitten for a couple of days and was worried about the safety of the kitten as her other cat was attacking the kitten quite violently. She then went on to explain that the kitten was originally from one lady who gave her away with three kittens to another person, that person then gave the kitten to someone else and that person didn’t know why the kitten wasn’t eating solids so sent her 12 year old child to this ladies door with a kitten as she knew more about cats. This kitten is only 6 weeks old and has had 4 homes already. 

We explained that we could take the kitten and place her with the two that we already have in foster care so she can continue to learn ‘cat language’ and get her socialised and rehabilitated into understanding that being with another cat isn’t so scary. 

Little Lena is signed to Animals Lost and found in Kent Ltd and will remain in our care until we feel she is ready for a forever home. 


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Lena Safe
  1. heidi says:

    oh for goodness sake poor baby x


  2. Angela says:

    Well done ladies, have no doubt the little one will progress well in your care x

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