Getting Peach Home

A post went up on our facebook group this evening about a dog that was found in Faversham. We messaged the finder and explained that we could attend and check for a chip. 

The finder agreed so we left straight away from Gillingham to attend and hopefully help. Thankfully the dog was chipped, her name was Peach.

 We rang the first number on the chip and the owner answered, we explained who we were and without being able to finish what we were saying she started crying as she knew why we were calling. Her family had been out searching since Peach went missing. We explained that we could take Peach straight back to where she was, she was over the moon. 

Peach wasn’t keen on getting into the car, but soon settled with lots of cuddles. 

Peach was Reunited within the space of 10 minutes after chip checking her. Thankfully all of her details were up to date on her chip. 

We would like to thank the finders for thinking quickly and getting Peach safe away from harms way and trusting us to come out and check her for a chip. 

Stay safe gorgeous girl xxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Peach Home
  1. Angela says:

    Big well done everybody involved in getting Peach home, her owners must be so relieved – the wonders of the microchip !!!! Big hugs x


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