Getting Prime Home

We were sent an inbox from a lady that we had helped in the past with reuniting her deceased cat Pepsi.  She explained that there was a cat found outside her house that had been involved in an RTA and would we be able to help this cat as we had helped in the past.  We attended as soon as we could to check for a chip and the cat was chipped. Her name was Prime. We thanked the lady for all of her help and rang the owner who picked the phone up straight away. We explained what had happened and that we could bring her home. The lady was so distraught by the news she didn’t know what to do with herself, so we tried our best to make sure she was ok and didn’t leave until we knew she would be ok. 

We helped her wrap Prime up in a beautiful blanket and towel and explained that her other cat needed to say goodbye so that she wouldn’t go out in search for her sister. We sat in silence as she said her goodbyes then we wrapped Prime up and carried her to where the owner said was her favourite spot to sleep in the garden until her husband came home from work. 

Thankfully Prime was Reunited within the hour of checking for a chip, all of her details were up to date on the database. 

Rest in paws heaven beautiful girl xxxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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