Getting Phoenix the Pheasant Safe

We were tagged on a Facebook group about a pheasant that was stuck on a flat balcony in Chatham 2 floors up. 

Chatham, pheasant

Numerous organisations were contacted about the bird but no one was willing to help as they said that the bird would manage to find his own way out, however birds have very short memories and thought that the glass was his ticket to freedom and kept flying into the glass hurting himself over and over again. Initially the neighbours believed that the property was abandoned as there was bailiff letters on the door to their left and the owner of the property wasn’t in the country. 

We contacted a few people to see if anyone had ladders that would be tall enough to reach that floor and a man called Andrew said he would bring his longest ladders to help. 

When we arrived we soon realised that the ladders were not big enough to reach up to the bird from the ground, so the only other way was across. As we were pondering clamping the ladders to the metal of the railings we had a look around and realised that the neighbours were knocking on the wrong door as the flat door numbers were very strange. So Andrew managed to grab a very large broom handle and knocked on the window of the property over the balcony. A very shocked and scared lady opened her sliding door to see 4 people telling her that she had a bird stuck on her balcony. She was even more shocked to see the bird. 

The lady allowed us entry when we explained who we were and why we were knocking on her window. 

We covered the bird with a blanket and placed him into a cat basket to take him to safety. 

After getting the bird safe we then contacted a man called James who has kept these kind of birds for a very long time to see if he could take care of the bird and check the bird over, he agreed so we took the bird straight over to him. 

After James examined the bird he explained that the bird is very young, stressed,  very much covered in lice and looked as though he had been attacked by something. James will be taking him up to his farm to take care of the bird and has named him Phoenix. 

A special thanks to the people that posted about the bird, Andrew for bringing ladders and to James for looking after the bird at such short notice. 

Stay safe little Phoenix xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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