Getting Minnie, Micky, Titch and Harry safe

We were sent a plea for help from a vet about 4 little newborn kittens that had been abandoned by their mum in a shed. Unfortunately we were over 500 miles away at the time as we were away for a 4 day break so we couldn’t physically help. We put a plea out on our own Facebook accounts and had a reply within minutes from a lady called Lilly May who said she had never done hand rearing before but was happy to learn and help as much as she could until the Monday. So all we needed was for someone to hand rear from the Monday till Wednesday. We managed to find another lovely lady called Tracy Rayner to do just that!

The feeding was going OK, but two of the babies weren’t gaining weight and fighting the food being given to them. When it came to Tuesday little Titch and Micky crossed the rainbow bridge.

We arrived on Wednesday to collect Minnie and Harry. Harry was very strong and was feeding really well whereas little Minnie was clicking when she breathed and was really lethargic. We carried on with the feeding, burping and cleaning with crossed fingers and toes however little Minnie also crossed rainbow bridge last night.

Today little Harry is still feeding and toileting very well. Fingers crossed he keeps going from strength to strength.

Little Harry will be signed under Animals Lost and Found in Kent Ltd and won’t be up for adoption for quite some time.

Rest in paws heaven Micky, Minnie and Titch xxxxxxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Getting Minnie, Micky, Titch and Harry safe
  1. Emma Cousins-Bond says:

    Sweet dreams Micky, Minnie and Titch 🐾🌈😬 xx


  2. Carol juniper says:

    Let’s hope little harry makes it they dare certainly in safe hands with u to take care of him bless x

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  3. Angela says:

    RIP little ones 😓x


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