Getting Harvey Home

A post went up on a Facebook group about a loose dog in Northfleet last night. A lady was really concerned as the dog was running in the middle of the road and was nearly struck by a few vehicles, she also witnessed a motorbike swerving to miss him and nearly crashed his bike. She tried her best to pursue the dog but the dog was very flighty and wouldn’t allow her anywhere near him.

We explained that we could attend and attempt to try and contain the dog.  We drove over straight away and managed to locate the dog with the help of the ladies directions. He seemed to be going in circles around the same area, so we assumed he lived nearby.  A dog walker came by and the straying dog ran straight up to his dog, his dog was not amused so we tried to get the slip lead over the loose dogs head whilst he was sniffing the other dog, it didn’t work and he would run as soon as anyone would move. We didn’t want to push the dog further into traffic either as the road was pretty fast moving. 

Feeling that the dog lived nearby we knocked on a couple of doors to ask neighbours if they knew of anyone that owned a little jack Russel. One lady came out and explained she would bring her dog that was in season to lure him over.


The lady held her dog still so that the loose dog could come over and have a sniff, but again the dog would run as soon as we got near but he was very interested in trying to mount the ladies dog. We placed the slip lead over the ladies dogs bum and hoped he would come over for another sniff, then BAM!  We caught him, he just stood still and didn’t know what to do with himself. We then checked him for a chip, he was chipped! 

There was no answer to the phone number on the database, so we checked out the address. The address was across the street from where we contained the dog. So after a few knocks the little man was Reunited. Stay safe little man xxxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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