Getting Kimber Home

A post went on our group this evening about a cat that was involved in an RTA and was found at the bottom of Windmill Hill in Upchurch. We left as soon as we could and found the cat, someone had moved the cat to the side of the road. We checked the cat for a chip and she was chipped, she was a beautiful white cat called Kimber.

We were a little perplexed as the address on the microchip was around 2.5 miles away from where she was found, the landline was disconnected and the mobile number was just ringing out, so we decided to go door knocking at the last known address. When we arrived a lady said that the keepers used to live there some 5-6 years ago but she remembered a white cat living in the pub opposite where she lived. So we went into the pub and asked. 

They said that they knew of who owned the cat now and that they had a phone number for them. So they rang to break the news. The keeper was so upset she couldn’t speak on the phone and handed the phone to someone else. The lady at the pub handed us the phone so we could explain and get their current address. When we arrived at the address they gave us Kimber was found directly across from where they lived. She was wrapped up with a clean towel and given a big kiss and cuddle from us before we Reunited her to her owners. 

Rest in paws heaven beautiful darling xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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