Getting Vinny Home

We received a phone call this evening whilst we were waiting for two dogs to be collected by a very worried lady explaining that a staff type dog had tried to get into her home in Parkwood, Rainham through her cats cat flap.  She had managed to contain the dog in her porch but wasn’t sure what else she could do as she had dogs of her own and they clearly didn’t get along.

We attended as soon as we could to check the dog for a chip, he was chipped! His name was Vinnie, a lovely bouncy and very kissy Staffordshire bull terrier.  He was registered to an address in Chatham, so we rang the first number that rang out a couple of times, so we then sent a text message incase they didn’t answer phone calls from unknown numbers.  After no reply we decided to call one more time before we went door knocking, our luck was in, someone answered and sounded very confused as to why we were calling about their dog Vinnie that they had thought had only gone into the garden for a wee.  Thankfully they only lived around the corner and they noticed that their wall in their garden had fallen down and discovered how Vinnie had planned his escape.  They were ever so grateful and very happy to see him when we took him home.

Thank you to the finders for keeping him safe and for trusting us to get him home.  Because most of the details on Vinnie’s chip were updated we managed to get him home within the hour of checking him for a chip.  The owners have been advised to update all of the details as they have moved address.

Stay safe gorgeous lad! xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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