Getting Sheru and Friend Home

A post went up on our group about two dogs that appeared to have been dumped.  One dog was tied up with a metal chain and the other was roaming around on a very busy and dangerous road.

We were told that the RSPCA had been called, however the finder was concerned that they weren’t going to show up so they asked us to attend to check for a chip.  We called upon our partner at Alert Protective Services Ltd to attend with us for backup. The finder had managed to contain both dogs in her garden behind a fence. We attended as soon as we could and checked the dogs for a chip, one of the dogs was chipped and his name was Sheru.  He was registered to an address in London, so we assumed that the keeper must have moved and not updated their details, we were very wrong. We called the first phone number on the chip and the registered keeper answered.  Sheru was meant to be in London, however the registered keeper went on to explain that one of his dogs was in season and he didn’t want her getting pregnant and asked one of his friends to care for him, with the view to adopt as his friend really liked Sheru.

The keeper didn’t change the microchip details as he wanted to make sure that Sheru was happy in his new home for a month or so before changing the details over.  It transpires  (after a phone call to the adopter from the keeper) that the dogs have actually been missing from the adopters house for over 2 days. The adopter had a girlfriend that lived in Kent but he had went up to Birmingham after the dogs went missing and didn’t want to tell the keeper that they were missing as to not cause upset and worry. Unfortunately Sheru is in a very bad condition and we relayed his injuries and our findings with how painfully thin he was over the telephone.

Because the registered keeper was at work he had to send two of his friends down from London to come and collect both dogs.  The finder made us a hot drink whilst we waited, we didn’t want to leave her alone as her husband wasn’t around and she was at home with the children, she also didn’t feel very comfortable with more strange people coming to her residence, so we decided to take both dogs, place them into our vehicle and drove away from the residence after thanking the finder for her help to wait for the keepers friends to turn up.

After what seemed like forever they arrived and took photos of the dog and his injuries and saw just how thin he was and proceeded to show us photographs of Sheru of when they last saw him, he didn’t look like the same dog, he had lost so much weight that you could see every bone in his body.

The keeper was granted permission from the adopter to collect their dog (the black dog)  also to get her safe and take care of her.  The keeper of Sheru was so thankful for everyone’s help and said “I am so thankful for the microchip and I am glad I hesitated to change the microchip details over until I knew Sheru was happy, he will not be adopting him, he is coming back home, thank you so much”.  Sheru is completely oblivious to any of this and has lapped up all of the attention and love he has had this evening.

Stay safe beautiful boy xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What about the other dog?


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