Getting Fish Home

We were tagged on facebook and also received a phone call and a post on our facebook page about a cat that had been involved in a road traffic accident on Rock Avenue in Gillingham this morning and sadly didn’t survive the accident.  One finder had moved the cat away from the road and another moved the cat behind their front garden wall to safety so we could attend.  We left as soon as we could and checked the cat for a chip.  He was chipped and his name was Fish.  We checked his details on the database and it said he was originally registered to an address in Sheerness so we expected the details to have not been updated by his owners, this was not the case at all.

We rang the first number stored on the database and a lovely man answered, we went on to explain who we were and what had happened, he was clearly devastated by the news.  He was shocked to learn that Fish was in Gillingham as he went missing around Bonfire night in Sheerness last year.  We picked Fish up and gave him a huge cuddle and kiss, he was such a big fluffy boy.  We explained that we could take him home later this evening to his owner as he was at work however he asked if he could collect him to take him home himself after his shift.

We have since found out that Fish was hanging around a property on Rock Avenue in Gillingham and the finders thought it was strange as they had never seen him before.  Because Fish wasn’t acting lost and was in great condition they had no cause for alarm to get in touch with us.

Fish has now been reunited with his family, may he rest in paws heaven xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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