Getting Flaco Home

We were tagged on a facebook group about a dog that was found in a couples garden in Hoo as they went out for a cigarette.  We attended as soon as we could.  One of our partners at Alert Protective Services Ltd (Billy Palmer) was also in attendance to contain the dog so we could check for a chip.  As we arrived the finders were a little concerned as the dog appeared to have no lower jaw.  We checked for a chip and he was chipped, his name was Flaco, a stunning, very friendly black lab who’s bum wouldn’t stop wagging at all of the commotion going on around him.

We rang the first phone number on the microchip database but there was no answer, so we rang the second number to which a woman answered and was really confused as she was in the bath and didn’t realise that Flaco had made an escape.  She quickly jamp out of the bath in a panic, but we had reassured her that Flaco was safe and that we could bring him home.  Flaco was reunited within the hour of checking for a chip.  Thank goodness for owners keeping their pets microchip details up to date.

The owner of Flaco explained that he had cancer and had to have half of his bottom jaw removed to save his life.  Apart from him being a little bit dribbly he was such a beautiful, well cared for, happy boy.  We did try and get a photo of him, however he didn’t want to stay still.

Be safe gorgeous boy xxxxx


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