Getting Timmy Home

We were alerted of a plea for help as a cat had been found in the Morrisons car park in Strood.  The cat looked dirty and underweight and approached a woman crying and trying to climb her legs,  as she bent down to say hello the cat stretched up and was touching her face whilst crying.  She was very concerned that the cat was lost so she asked us for help.  We attended within 20 minutes,  however she had went into the shop to get some food for the cat and the cat had somehow vanished.  She explained she was going to go back again tomorrow with treats to see if she could find the cat. We sat for a further 3 hours looking in bushes and all around the car park with no luck.

We explained we would attend again on Thursday to try and stakeout the car park.  On Thursday morning a lovely gentleman had placed a post about a cat matching the description of the one previously seen in the car park.  He said he gave the cat some food and was going to return in the evening around 6pm. We sat at one side of the car park and the lovely gentleman at the other.  All of a sudden we received an alert to say he had caught the cat and placed the cat into a cat box.  We rushed over to help and scan the cat.

The cat box was a very tight fit for the cat so we decided we would bring the cat back to base to check for a chip in the safety of a room where the cat couldn’t escape.

He wasn’t chipped,  neutered and had no collar on.  So we placed a new post on our group with clearer photos of the cat asking if anyone was missing him.  Within the space of 3 hours we received a comment from a lady saying she knows who he belongs to,  so we gave her our contact number to contact  us as soon as she could.

She went on to explain that the cat was but wasn’t owned,  he had found a lady some months ago in a very bad way,  she had nursed him back to health and he lived on a boat with her coming and going every day.  She explained she didn’t have him neutered straight away incase someone claimed him as theirs.  We were given her contact details to arrange reuniting him back to his carer.

His name is Timmy,  he has now been taken back home and he will be castrated and microchipped as soon as the owner can.  Stay safe Timmy xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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