Getting Thea Home

We were sent an inbox from a lovely family that we had helped in the past with a lost animal.  They explained that a cat had been sleeping rough for months on Pagit Street in Gillingham in a box outside a ladies house.  They asked if we could check for a chip so we attended this evening.  The cat was chipped and her name was Thea.  We called the mobile number on the chip but the number just rung out.  The landlines was disconnected so we were about to go door knocking when our phone rang back with a very perplexed lady on the other end.

We explained who we were and why we were calling,  she was elated and explained her cat had been missing for 6 months.  We arranged to take Thea home and realised that where she was originally found sleeping rough was the same street where she was living and was missing from.  

Thea was reunited within the hour o her other furry family and two legged family that had missed her so much.  Welcome home beautiful girl xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Thea Home
  1. Vanessa says:

    Karen, if I had seen Thea she would of been home months ago. All my babies are well cared for and deeply loved.

    She is home now and grumbling because I won’t let her out. She is my baby girl and favourite out of all my animals and I am overjoyed that she is home. Thank you so much for bringing her home to me. I think I will be keeping her in beyond what you recommended as I can’t stand the thought of her wandering off again xx


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