Getting Teddy, Bobby and Ralph Home

There were a few reports that came in this morning about two dogs that were running around Gillingham together,  one was a labrador and the other a sandy coloured small breed.  A few people tried so hard to contain them,  but they just gave everyone the run around.  Within an hour we received a phone call from a lady called Anna that we had helped in the past with her furry called Coco,  she sounded very distressed as she explained that she had contained a dog and there were two other dogs running around in circles,  one was hobbling.

We left immediately to get to where she was to help her.  As we arrived the police were in attendance also,  so we chip checked the dog that Anna managed to contain,  he was a lovely staffy called Ralph.  We tried calling the number on the chip but there was no answer.  Anna was happy to hold the dog whilst we went in pursuit of the other two dogs with the police.  Both dogs would not come to any whistling,  treats or any commands.  As we were running around trying to find them a few lovely residents of medway pointed us in the direction of where the dogs were seen last.  It was also bin day down the road where the dogs were and the bin men had also seen the dog,  they offered to contain the dogs if they came back up near them.

Finally we managed to find where they were and by this point another medway resident had offered to come and help look.  The dogs ran into a dead end road with some garages.  By this point we had managed to locate the owner of the dogs and we were on the phone explaining which area we were in so they could come and meet us.  The small dog was not playing ball at all and snapped,  so we dropped down to our knees and placed our hand up in the air trying to not make any eye contact but also trying to make out there was something exciting on the ground.  The labrador was very curious and came over to see what was going on,  he rolled on his back wagging his tail and kissing our hand,  so we quickly placed the slip lead over his head.

We rang the owner again and explained we had caught the labrador and she had explained that if we were to just start walking the little dog would start to follow.  Unbeknown to us the bin men had blocked the whole road off with their vehicle so the dogs couldn’t escape,  the man that had joined us on our hunt was standing with his arms wide open behind and the police were behind him also trying to keep the dogs in that area.  

We all started walking with one dog on the lead and the other following whilst being on the phone to the owner,  she spotted us and shouted STAY THERE!  She came running down the road with the biggest smile on her face and the dogs equally greeted her with bums wagging more than tails.  Teddy and Bobby were finally safe! 

We all retreated back to where we had parked our cars and swapped details for the first staff dog that had been contained.  We gave the details to the police that were on the chip and they were going to call the dog warden and regain their breaths from running around.  In the meantime we had a report of a dog that had gone missing matching the first dogs description,  so we messaged our phone number and explained what had happened and where Ralph was.  

Ralph was reunited after being placed into the police vehicle and taken to the wardens.  Stay safe naughty babies xxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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