Bluey reunited after being missing for 3 years

We received an inbox from a lovely lady who had been caring for a cat that had found her over a year ago,  he was in a bit of a mess when she first came across him.  She took him to a vet and had him chip checked, his name was Bluey,  however all of the details on the chip weren’t up to date.  She had tried everything she could to try and find out where he came from.  So a year and a bit went by and she had noticed that her other cats were starting to pick on Bluey and he had to spend a lot of time at the vets getting treatment for the scratches and bites that the others were inflicting on him.  She was very concerned for his welfare and wanted to find a home for him somewhere.  However she was concerned as he was microchipped to the original owner,  so she contacted us to see if we could help track down where Bluey was from and possibly find his owners.

We set about our usual investigation and came upon a name on Facebook that matched the area and the keepers details,  so we sent them a message asking if they had ever owned a cat called Bluey.  Within 12 hours we received a reply saying they did indeed have a cat called Bluey but they had lost him 3 years ago.  We asked which address they used to live at as they had moved 2 times since then and that matched the address on the chip.  

We then got in touch with the finder of Bluey and explained our findings,  they were overjoyed with the news that he was going home to his owners. So we picked him up and transported him back home.  

When we arrived Bluey instantly recognised their dog and started head bumping her and pressing his face against hers.  It was such a wonder to see.  We have advised that the owners now update the microchip details and also keep him in for at least 6 weeks so he can get used to their new home.

Welcome Home pretty boy xx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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